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Lisa Phenix
Fools of the World

By Becca Costello
Lisa Phenix’s first CD joins the prolific output of Sacramento’s Americana scene. This is bluesy rock in the style of Bonnie Raitt or, locally, Holly Holt. Phenix’s tone is more upbeat than either of those ladies, though. Even on songs like “Losin’ Your Good Woman Blues,” the closest Phenix gets to pathos is a melodic psychedelia reminiscent of Mazzy Star. Other songs, like “Silly Little Mama” and “Lazy Daisy May,” burst with enthusiasm to the point of goofiness. With plenty of guitar solos and lyrical themes like searching for a good man and loving chocolate, this music isn’t taking chances. But some occasions don’t warrant experimentation. Homegrown will have the adults tapping their feet, the toddlers bobbing their knees and your parents cutting a rug at the next family picnic.

December 23, 2004

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